Sunday, March 20, 2011

GIVE ME a D-I-G-I-O-R-N-O....what does it spell.......


DiGiorno had a nationwide Pizza party last night, selecting families through the House website, to have families try their new Pizza and sides pizzas.  We were chosen and the party was fabulous....So first things first, House is a marketing company that sets up companies with people who want to try their products and share with their friends!  There is no cost to sign up and all of the party supplies are provided free of charge.  All they ask is you hold your party on the selected date, invite people using their invite web page and write about your experience!  There are a series of hoops you go through to be considered for each party with various questions that help House match the perfect people to the perfect products!  The companies are everything from cleaning products and household items like candles to Snacks and Adult beverages.   They ask things about your household, your style as well as things like if you blog, have a DVD player, smart phone, facebook account etc.  Once selected the product company, in this case DiGiorno (a Nestle Company), sends you a party package to hold your party and try their products.
For this party the pack included:
6 Free Pizza coupons
Wet Wipes
Pizza cutter
Oven mitt
Name Tags
18 Coupons for your guests ($4 off one pizza, great deal with them on sale right now for $5.99)
Basketball game including bracket score cards
Bam-Bam noise makers
With our coupons for free pizzas to feed our guests we purchased:
2 Pepperoni Pizzas with boneless Buffalo Wings side
1 Cheese Pizza with Cookies side
1 Cheese Pizza with Cheese Bread Stix side
1 Supreme Pizza with Herb Bread Stix side
1 Spinach, mushroom and Garlic Pizza

We had 13 people in attendance with a mix of Adults, teens, and pre-schoolers.  It was great trying the different pizzas and sides!!! My favorite were the boneless wings for sure! The sauce was spot on for classic Buffalo sauce.  Being from Buffalo I consider myself a pretty good judge of wings!  We served traditional celery and carrot sticks with Blue Cheese to dip as well to complete the meal.   The bread Stix were gone in a flash and very tasty with a great Italian flavor with a nice soft, warm center.  The pizza, which we have had before, is a great rising dough pizza that we cook right on the oven racks for a nice crispy crust surrounding the tangy sauce and ample toppings!  With a cook time of just about 20 minutes including the sides, this definitely rivals delivery that can't come that quick on a good day! 

The parents and kids had a blast and after the madness we heard the little ones on the swing set talking about how we should have another DiGiorno Pizza Party! Hahahaha guess DiGiorno has made some loyal customers! Thank you House and DiGiorno for a great time and showing us what you have new in the world of frozen pizza, we will be having more soon I can tell you that, and my guests will too!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of frozen pizza, however, after reading your review (knowing you have had the BEST delivered pizza in Buffalo), and giving it a thumbs up - I do believe I will have to try a Digiorno Pizza - Thank you for the information !!!