My Story

ME: I am 36, married to a wonderful man Christian, we have 3 beautiful kids, Madeline who is 10, Lucas who is 5 and Hannah who is 5.  YES they are the same age, they are twins hehehehehe

I was born and raised in the Buffalo, NY area going to Sweet Home schools for my grade school education and Buffalo State College for my debt hahahahhaha  I say that because like most AMERICANS I was driven by the all mighty dollar and quit my design program when I was offered a job at the Limited Corporation to be a Brand Manager and basically that is to Style the store and the sales staff!  It was a LOT of money for me then so I said SHIP IT!  I continued my career there and transfered stores a couple of times, and gave birth to my first daughter.....selling tank tops to tweens and teens, didn't have the same excitement after the birth of my first baby.  I guess I was wearing my mommy goggles everyday and it was hard to dress what I now saw as little girls and someone's baby in sexy clothes....ugh sucks getting old!  At that point I used my schooling to get a position with Pier 1 Imports being a manager and this was more up the alley of my college education (notice I didn't say degree.....) as it is home furnishings and fixtures.  It went well UNTIL my baby would be asleep when I left in the morning and already in bed when I got home at night, retail is hard on family life!  I went one whole week with out seeing my baby awake even thought we were in the same house every night!!!
I resigned from Pier 1 and took a corporate Sales Support job that Sunday!

I spent the next 5 years working in the corporate world getting amazing promotions and moved to Texas for 2 years then onto Nashville Tennessee which is where we call home now!  When we got to Nashville we decided I would spend Madeline's last year off before kindergarten spending some time with her.....well then I secured my stay at home status but having what I thought was ONE more baby....cue the TWINS!  At 21 weeks we went for our sonogram with our 5 year old in tow to find out if she was getting a brother or a sister?????????  ONE OF EACH....r u kidding me, just when I thought this will be a breeze I have done the labor thing once and the motherhood thingie too, NOPE curve ball, twins is a different animal!

I stayed home with the twins until they were 2.5 and returned to the corporate world....flash forward 1.5 years and I resigned to stay home with my babies....also the last year before they go to kindergarten.  Is history repeating itself???  NO chance cause when the twins were 1.5 I had serious health issues that resulted in a total hysterectomy (TMI).  I am home enjoying myself and getting into the mommy groove again and it is amazing!

The Twins are off to Kindergarten now and Madeline is in the 5th grade, I have survived the preschool years and now I just need to worry about the fast approaching teen years! My husband Chris lost his job in June and we are looking to move on to the next opportunity.  We are hoping to stay in Nashville but are realistic that the possibility of a move is more likely!  So now just when I thought I would have a handle on life and actually get to clean my house and be at peace some hours of the school day; I now have my husband home!  He is busy looking for a job and I am busy getting our house ready for a possible sale....we are in Limbo and it is a distressing feeling but we are excited to see what comes next!

My story is hardly over and really has just day at a time is how I am living cause I don't want to miss a thing!!!!!! 

Peace and Love,