Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ok had a WTF moment today!!!

Went to Target to get my prescription filled.  When I dropped it off the clerk notified me that she could not do the price match 3 months for $15 instead of the normal 3 months for $30 because my doctor wrote the prescription for 30 days with 12 refills rather than 90 days with 4 refills..... either way it is 12 months but OK....

I said well please call her and have her amend the dispensing because I am not going to pay double....please keep in mind I have been on the same medication for over 4 years and it has been the same the whole time but today the rules changed I guess....  She said ok and that it would be a day cause doctors rarely call back fast enough....this is NOT the WTF moment that comes later!

I returned home and received a call from my doctors office nurse regarding my request for a prescription to be called into Target....I thought to myself UMMMM NO I asked that they check the dispensing I already had a prescription!
She continued to say,
      "We will call this in for you this time but in the future you will need to see your primary doctor for this"
     "Why would I need to do that and by the way Target was calling on a prescription I handed in today and the dispensing instructions to be adjusted to the every three months that it has always been written as, not asking for a new prescription"
She continued:
     "We are an OB/GYN not a primary doctor so we will not be prescribing this medication for you any more"
EXCUSE ME?  WTF????  (there is it people the stupidity conversation has been kicked off)
I rebutted with
     "So you are telling me that the drug that Dr. ********** in YOUR office started me on this medication over 4 years ago will now need to be handled by a different doctor, in a different office who does not have my history of why I am on it?"
She asked
     "What do you mean?"
I thought I was being pretty clear but I continued to help her understand.
     "Dr. ******** put me on this medication over 4 years ago, but what you are saying is she will no longer support the prescribing of this to me?"
Even more confused and VERY rude she says
     "I will do you the favor and call it in this time but our office has changed the things we will call in."
AND There it is...REALLY????
Do me a FAVOR? NO you are not doing me a favor you are NOT calling in a drug I just randomly called to request...
After numerous back and forth quick pro quo she decided she might be wrong and asked a fellow nurse, BLAM-O she returns to the phone
     "Ma'am I am sorry I didn't know this office gave you the original prescription, we will take care of it"
WHAT THE F***???
She Continues
     "Also why are you just filling this it was prescribed in August?"
I rebut with, "Yes I know I fill this every THREE months, HENCE the call to you has been THREE months and I now need to fill it, I thought I was being pretty clear about the situation but you were so intent on educating me on future things you WON'T be doing for me I guess you missed the actual topic of the conversation!"

SERIOUSLY people that are stupid should stay out of my way!


Anonymous said...

and these people are the educated ones that we intrust our health to.

linda said...

I hear ya - I needed a one month script until I could come in for my check up and she was nasty - saying I should have made the appointment sooner so my prescription didn't run out (what if I needed a higher dose or lower ) -- she finally said she would call it in and when I went to pick it up - it was for three months - BRAIN DEAD !!!!!!

TNkaderabecks said...

At the end of the phone call I wanted to kill myself she was so stupid.....if good thing I hadn't run out of pills or I might have hehehehehehhe