Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick Livin'

SORRY I have been MIA....

I had vertigo and for those of you who have never had it I hope you never do, and those of you that have I feel your pain and you know why I haven't been on here!  It is almost impossible to form thought let alone write a blog!!!

I have been busy through the last few weeks, I went to Dinners for Nine which is a group of people that meet for dinner once a month for 9 months.  It was fabulous and we met some great folks!

I also have started a club called Coffee and coupons that is meeting once a week to talk coupons and getting great deals while shopping!  It is a hobby and almost a game for me to see how much I can save.  Tonight is the first gathering and I am hoping to let those who envy the savings I post some tips.

Other than that I exhausted my pantry so pantry livin came to an early stop!  Along with having vertigo trying to get creative with what was left was proving impossible!  In addition to that there were some great grocery deals that I could not pass up like 1.99 Chicken breasts from my favorite butcher Houston's Meats in Mount Juliet!  They even vacuum sealed 15 packages for me!!!!

We attended the Fall Festival at Madelin'e elementary school and the kids had a blast, great fun, with great people for a great fund raiser for our school!

Well I will post again tonight after Coffee and Coupons!!!!!


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