Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pantry Livin' days 4-7 dinners

Alright we are doing well on the Pantry livin'.....Went to the store to grab Milk, apples, provolone cheese and carrots. $15 dollars for groceries this week, not to shabby!

Day 4
Tuna sandwiches on Fresh homemade bread
pickles and olives on the side!

Day 5
Pan Fried Fish
Seasoned Rice

Day 6
Pot Roast in the crock pot with
Carrots, Onions & Potatoes

Day 7- Halloween FAVORITE!!!!
French onion soup
Provolone Cheese topped!!!!

1 comment:

Erika said...

Good job Becca! I'm thinking about trying something like this, i'm sure Cole would be thrilled with the grocery savings:) I think i'm going to try to stock the pantry every two-three months or so with coupons savings and then only buy the fresh ingredients each week. I need to do some more planning on this though, i'd like to have a plan mapped out...Meanwhile i'll be following your progress to inspire me!